Current CMU students should visit: Student Project Tracker In Spring 2019, we want exceptional students for the following positions:

1. Design of Embedded and Cyber-Physical System Design: This project involves designing energy efficient 2D/3D many-core systems, dynamic power and thermal management, and software-reconfigurable heterogeneous systems-on-chip (SoC).

2. Smart Campus: Characterizing People Mobility via Sensing and Machine Learning Approaches: This project will quantify and characterize how students move throughout the CMU Pittsburgh campus. In particular, this project will focus on the detection of rare and unique behaviors, and the relationship between events and behaviors. The project involves working with HW (sensors, low-power processors) and machine learning algorithms.

3. Social Networks, Machine Learning, Hardware Accelerators: This project involves deep learning for social network dynamics (e.g., Twitter, viral marketing, emergency response) and CPU/GPU architectures for large-scale graph processing.

4. Prototyping of machine learning, cognitive, and neuromorphic architectures: This project aims at building HW prototypes for ML, cognitive and neuromorphic architectures that work under various real-time and/or power/performance constraints.

5. In-Device Mobile Learning, Edge Computing, IoT: The goal of this project is to sense, infer, and act on streams of information (e.g., time-series of active foreground and background applications, hardware statistics) with location (e.g., GPS location, connected to a specific WiFi or cellular network) and temporal information (e.g., time of day and year) that characterize specific user behaviors.

Interested candidates currently not at CMU should submit their resume and questions directly to Prof. Radu Marculescu at

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