The MEAD System
Carnegie Mellon University

By downloading this software the user agrees to accept this software entirely as is, with absolutely no warranty whatsoever, expressed or implied. The responsibility for ensuring fitness and correctness for any purpose lies entirely with the user.

If you would like to learn more about MEAD by reading the relevant publications, please look at the MEAD website.

If you would like to obtain instructions for installing and running the MEAD system, please consult the MEAD v2.0 User Manual.

If you face a specific problem with running or installing the MEAD system, and would like to obtain technical support, please fill out the details of the problem using the Support Request Form.

Previous versions of the MEAD manual can be found here:


Contributors to MEAD include Priya Narasimhan, Tudor Dumitras, Aaron Paulos, Soila Pertet, Charlie Reverte, Joe Slember and Deepti Srivastava.