18730 Schedule (Will change!)

date topic instr. reading notes
Mon, Aug 31 Introduction
Wed, Sep 2 Security analysis
Mon, Sep 7 no class
Wed, Sep 9 Foundations of modern cryptography [1]
Mon, Sep 14 Foundations of modern cryptography
Wed, Sep 16 Foundations of modern cryptography; side-channel attacks [2] [3]
Mon, Sep 21 Protocols
Wed, Sep 23 Protocols for anonymity [4] [5]
Mon, Sep 28 Internet protocols: routing and BGP [6]
Wed, Sep 30 Protocol verification: model checking and protocol logics
Mon, Oct 5 Exam 1
Wed, Oct 7 Access control [7]
Mon, Oct 12 Access control
Wed, Oct 14 Authentication and passwords B. Ur
Fri, Oct 16 Access control
Mon, Oct 19 no lecture
Wed, Oct 21 Intro to software and host security; control hijacking [8] [9] [10]
Mon, Oct 26 no lecture
Wed, Oct 28 Web attacks and defenses
Fri, Oct 30 Web attacks and defenses
Mon, Nov 2 eCrime (guest lecturer: Michael Collins)
Wed, Nov 4 Exam 2
Mon, Nov 9 Firewalls and network intrusion detection
Wed, Nov 11 Firewalls and network intrusion detection
Mon, Nov 16 Architectures for security (isolation, virtual machines)
Wed, Nov 18 Architectures for security (trusted computing)
Mon, Nov 23 Static and dynamic analysis
Wed, Nov 25 no lecture -- Thanksgiving
Mon, Nov 30 Usable security
Wed, Dec 2 Language-based security
Mon, Dec 7 Security analytics and online crime (guest lecturer: Nicolas Christin)
Wed, Dec 9 Exam 3

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