Introduction to Security and Policy (18-630 / 19-631 / 95-830) Fall 2009 Schedule

Date Instructor Topic Reading Notes
Mon Aug 24 LB,DF Introduction CMU Computing Policy  
  CMU Policy on Cheating
Wed Aug 26 LB Security properties; grand challenges    
Mon Aug 31 DF History of the internet A History of the Internet: 1962--1992 no reading critique
Wed Sep 2 DF Internet governance   impromptu lecture
Mon Sep 7   No class (Labor Day)    
Wed Sep 9 LB Cryptography optional: Chp 1-2 of Goldwasser & Bellare's Lecture Notes on Cryptography  
      optional: Chp 1-2 of the Handbook of Applied Cryptography  
Mon Sep 14 LB Cryptography    
Wed Sep 16 LB Cryptography    
Mon Sep 21 LB Side channel attacks optional: Bleichenbacher 1998  
Wed Sep 23 LB Cryptographic protocols Abadi & Needham 1996  
      Vaudenay 2002  
Mon Sep 28 DF Introduction to policy Administrative Procedures Act  
      The Federal Communications Commission  
Wed Sep 30 AD Cryptographic protocols in practice, anonymity Chaum 1981  
      Dingledine et al. 2004  
Mon Oct 5 LB Firewalls    
Wed Oct 7 LB Network intrusion detection Ptacek & Newsham 1998 (except Sec 7, 8) (goes with Oct 5 lecture)  
Mon Oct 12     Watson et al. 2004 (goes with Oct 7 lecture)  
Wed Oct 14   Midterm exam    
Mon Oct 19 LB Access control Lampson et al. 1992 (except Sec 4)  
Wed Oct 21 LB Access control    
Mon Oct 26 LB Access control    
Wed Oct 28 LB Buffer overflows Aleph One 1997  
Mon Nov 2 JM Trusted computing platform McCune et al. 2007  
      Grawrock.  The Intel Safer Computing Initiative, Chp. 8.  (on Blackboard)  
Wed Nov 4 DF Trusted computing platform policy Anderson 2003  
Mon Nov 9 DF Wiretap laws EFF's Surveillance Self Defense site  
Wed Nov 11 LB Virtual machines Wahbe et al. 1994 no reading critique
      Garfinkel and Rosenblum 2003  
Mon Nov 16 LB Java security Wallach & Felten 1998  
      Securing Java, chp. 1--2 (optional)  
Wed Nov 18 LC Usability Lampson 2009  
      Edwards et al. 2007  
Mon Nov 23 LB Web security    
Wed Nov 25   No class (Thanksgiving holiday)    
Mon Nov 30 DF Current policy issues    
Wed Dec 2 LB Wrap-up    
Fri Dec 11   Final exam (5:30-8:30pm, location TBA)    
AD = Anupam Datta
DF = Dave Farber
LB = Lujo Bauer
LC = Lorrie Cranor
JM = Jon McCune