Introduction to Security and Policy (18-630 / 19-631 / 95-830) Fall 2009

Meeting time and location MW 10:30–11:50am in Wean Hall 5403
Instructors Lujo Bauer
Office: Collaborative Innovation Center (CIC) 2121
Office hours: Tue 10-11am

Dave Farber
Office hours: by appointment

Teaching assistants Vishrut Divatia
Office hours: Tue 4-5pm in CIC 2206

Ioannis Mallios
Office hours: Mon 4-5pm in CIC 2206

Samip Shah
Office hours: Thu 5-6pm in CIC 2206

Instructors email 18630-f09-instructors [at]
Useful resources Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Security Engineering
Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker
Securing Java
Course description The growing importance of networks and distributed systems, and their use to support safety-critical applications, has made computer and communications security a central issue for systems today. This course will introduce students to the technical and policy foundations of computer and communications security. The course will assume a basic working knowledge of computers and networks, but will not assume any prior exposure to topics in computer or communications security. Graduate standing or permission of the instructor is required.
Schedule (subject to change)