ASID’06 October 21, 2006, San Jose, California, USA.

Log-Based Architectures for General-Purpose Monitoring of Deployed Code

Shimin Chen1, Babak Falsafi2, Phillip B. Gibbons1, Michael Kozuch1, Todd C. Mowry1,2, Radu Teodorescu1,3, Anastassia Ailamaki2, Limor Fix1, Gregory R. Ganger2, Bin Lin1,4, Steven W. Schlosser1

1Intel Research Pittsburgh, 2Carnegie Mellon University, 3UIUC, 4Northwestern


We advocate Log-Based Architectures (LBA) that exploit such on-chip resources in order to dramatically reduce the overhead of runtime program monitoring. Specifically, we propose adding hardware support for logging a main program's trace and delivering it to another (otherwise idle) processing core for inspection. A lifeguard program running on this other core executes the desired monitoring task.

Keywords: Log-Based Architectures, general-purpose task monitoring, chip multiprocessors

Available Online: pdf