18-746 Lectures and Readings (Spring 2003)

Last modified: Sat Apr 26 15:31:44 EDT 2003

For some class meetings, readings will be assigned. Usually, these readings will consist of relevant technical papers, articles or instructor-prepared notes. Paper copies of assigned readings and notes will be provided in class and in the course file cabinet. The latter is just outside the main elevator on the D-level of Hamerschlag Hall.

The readings listed should be read before class on the assigned day.

April 25 (L24): Alternate storage technologies

April 16 (L23): Capacity planning

April 14 (L22): Distributed storage security

April 9 (L21): Storage access control

April 4 (L20): Backup and disaster recovery

March 31 (L19): Really distributed storage

March 19 (L18): Virtualization

March 17 (L17): Distributed file systems II

March 12 (L16): NAS interfaces

March 5 (L15): Disk array systems

March 3 (L14): Disk array organization

February 24 (L13): Distributed file systems

February 21 (L12): Storage Networking

February 19 (L11): Storage interconnects

February 12 (L10): Storage protocols, controllers, and device drivers

February 10 (L9): Database storage management

February 7 (L8): Caching and FS integrity

February 5 (L7): On-disk data layout

February 3 (L6): File system organization

January 31: Dave Anderson guest lecture

January 29 (L5): Disk request optimization

January 24 (L4): Disk drive firmware

January 22 (L3): Disk drive operation

January 15 (L2): Metrics of I/O system quality

January 13 (L1): Introduction and overview of storage systems

This first meeting will be more than just organizational in nature. We will discuss how the class is going to work and what will (and won't) be covered. See the 18-746 overview for a recap of the general information. We will also dive into the course by overviewing the area of storage systems.