15-712: Advanced Operating Systems & Distributed Systems


Homework #0 (Due: September 16)

There is a homework in the first week of class. This homework is intended to make you review all of the undergraduate OS material that you may have forgotten since you took OS...

Each day each student should submit a summary of the papers assigned for the class. Summaries should be no longer than one page (2-4 paragraphs). It is OK to miss a couple of summaries during the term, however not submitting many summaries will impact student's participation portion of the grade.


A midterm exam is scheduled for October 21.

Solutions to this year's midterm (2002)

Sample midterm I (2000)

Sample solutions I (2000)

Midterm I (2000)

Midterm solutions I (2000)

Note: these sample midterms are from last year. The readings last year were slightly different than this year. However, these samples do give you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked.

Midterm I (2001)

Midterm solutions I (2001)

The in class second exam is scheduled for December 4.

Sample midterm II (2000)

Sample solutions II (2000)

Midterm II (2000)

Midterm II (2000)

Midterm II (2001)

Midterm solutions II (2001)

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