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 <html><div style="background-color:#FF8080; font-size:16px"></html> <html><div style="background-color:#FF8080; font-size:16px"></html>
-**Dec 15:** Please upload your final reports to the [[|Acatar ECE Learning Environment]]. Also send a copy of your poster file to the staff list. +**Dec 19:** Final grades {{:740_f13_histo.pdf|histogram}} available.
- +
-**Dec 9:** A reminder that the poster session is this Friday ([[projects#project_poster_session_12_13|click for details]]). We've uploaded a course {{:740FinalQuestionnaire.pdf|feedback form}} that is **required** and must be turned in at the poster session. See the form for details. CS students can mark this on the form. Remote students can email us a copy.+
 <html></div></html> <html></div></html>
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