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15-740/18-740 Computer Architecture Fall 2011

Welcome to the 15-740/18-740 Computer Architecture course wiki!

  • Homework 6 (Due NOON 12/1 Thur.)
  • Midterm II (12/2 Fri.)
  • Milestone III (Tentative: 12/6 Tue., 12/8 Thur.)
  • Project Poster Presentations (Tentative: 12/13 Tue.)
  • Project Poster Presentations (Tentative: 12/18 Sun.)


The course syllabus can be viewed here.



To e-mail the instructor and all the TAs, you can use the course mailing list:


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2:30 to 4:20 PM in Doherty Hall 1112.

Course Staff

Name E-mail Office Phone Office Hours
Instructor Onur Mutlu Hamerschlag Hall A305 (412) 268-1186 Wednesday 4:30-5:30 PM
TA Justin Meza Hamerschlag Hall A5 Thursday 3-4 PM, Friday 1:30-2:30 PM
TA Yoongu Kim Hamerschlag Hall A313C Monday 1-2 PM, Tuesday 1-2 PM
Admin Laura McGee Hamerschlag Hall D-Level Course Hub (412) 268-5568


Doherty Hall is “Building 8” on the CMU map. Room 1112 is most easily accessed by coming in through the main entrance by The Fence.

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