MICRO-45 Tutorial

Cross-Platform FPGA Accelerator Development Using the CoRAM Virtual Architecture and the CONNECT Network-on-Chip Generator

We are hosting the first CoRAM tutorial in conjunction with MICRO-45.

NOTE: Please make sure to bring a laptop with about 15GB free space and Virtualbox installed (https://www.virtualbox.org).


In this tutorial, participants will develop portable, FPGA-based accelerators using the CoRAM Virtual Architecture and the CONNECT Network-on-Chip generation framework. CoRAM provides a universal abstraction to the user that is both easy-to-use and portable across different FPGA platforms.


The tutorial will be held during a half-day session on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. This hands-on tutorial will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Overview of CoRAM architecture
  • Compiler
  • NoC Generation Using the CONNECT Network-on-Chip Generator
  • Cross-platform targeting: Xilinx ML605, Altera DE4, Xilinx ZYNQ platform, Convey HC-x platforms (tentative)
  • Memory loading and checking
  • User I/O
  • Application debugging


Time Activity Leader
1:30-2:00 CoRAM Overview Eric
2:00-3:00 Hands-on Exercise Gabe
3:00-3:30 Coffee/Tea Break -
3:30-4:15 Advanced Topics Michael and Eric
4:15-5:00 Advanced Exercises + Demos All
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