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Pre-2009 Seminar Schedule Archive

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Fall 2008

Date Title Speaker
September 23 PROTOFLEX: FPGA-Accelerated Instrumentation Michael Papamichael
September 30 The B3RISC: A Flexible FPGA-optimized Microprocessor for Multicore OS Research Eric Chung
October 7 No seminar  
October 14 Making Enterprise Computing "Green": Energy-Efficiency Challenges in Enterprise Data Centers Thomas Wenisch
University of Michigan
October 21    
October 27 Trading Off Cache Capacity for Reliability to Enable Low Voltage Operation
Intel Research Seminar
Monday 4:30pm, 4th floor CIC
Chris Wilkerson
November 4 A Low-Radix and Low-Diameter 3D Interconnection Network Design Jun Yang
University of Pittsburgh
November 11 No seminar - Qualifying exams  
November 18 No seminar - Qualifying exams  
November 25 No seminar - Thanksgiving  
December 2 R-NUCA: Data Placement in Distributed Shared Caches Nikos Hardavellas

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Spring 2008

Date Title Speaker
February 12 Intra-chip Memory Streaming Mike Ferdman
February 19 Compression Scheme of Log-Based Architectures Theodoros Strigkos
February 26 Secure Computing on Untrusted Computer Systems Arvind Seshadri
March 4 Parallelizing Dynamic Information Flow Tracking Olatunji Ruwase
March 11 No seminar - Spring Break  
March 18 Understanding and Visualizing Full Systems with Data Flow Tomography Eric Chung
March 25 Spatio-Temporal Memory Streaming Stephen Somogyi
April 1 Understanding Application Performance Marty Itzkowitz
Sun Microsystems
April 8 Data Pump and Processing Architecture Qian Yu
April 15 No seminar - please attend the Maurice Herlihy's Parallel Thinking Seminar at 3:00pm, 4th floor CIC  
April 22 No seminar - Qualifying exam week  
April 29 Flexible Hardware Acceleration for Instruction-Grain Program Monitoring Shimin Chen
Intel Research
June 2 The Bulk Multicore Architecture Josep Torrellas

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Fall 2007

Date Title Speaker
September 4 A New Microarchitecture Paradigm for High-Performance General Purpose Processor Synthesis Eriko Nurvitadhi
September 11 Detecting Emerging Wearout Faults Jared Smolens
September 18 To Share or Not To Share Ryan Johnson
September 25 Implementation of Lucas-Kanade's Optical Flow Algorithm on Graphics Processors using NVIDIA CUDA Kevin Biswas
October 2 Accelerating Architectural-level, Full-System Multiprocessor Simulations using FPGAs Eric Chung
October 9 Low-overhead Byzantine Fault-tolerant Storage James Hendricks
October 16 Near-Optimal Instruction Selection for Resource Constrained Embedded Architectures Dave Koes
October 23 Fast, Full-System, Cycle-Accurate Computer Simulators via Parallelization Derek Chiou
October 30 Initial Steps Toward Ubiquitous Biomedical Implantable System-on-Chip – An Architectural Perspective Allen Cheng
University of Pittsburgh
November 6 Automatic Library Generation for Signal Transforms Yevgen Voronenko
November 13 No seminar - ISCA preparation week  
November 20 Multi-bit Error Tolerant Caches Using Two-Dimensional Error Coding Jangwoo Kim
November 27 Current Research Talk Sebastian Herbert
December 4 Analysis and Mitigation of the Impact of Process Variations on 3D Microarchitectures Siddharth Garg

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Spring 2007

Date Title Speaker
January 19 Improving Superscalar Efficiency with Mini-Graph Processing
11:00 am, HH 1112
Anne Bracy
University of Pennsylvania
January 30 Improving the Simulation and Programmability of Future Multiprocessor Systems
Thomas Wenisch
February 6 //TRACE: Parallel Trace Replay with Approximate Causal Events Mike Mesnier
February 13 Performance Counter Super-resolution
Roland Wunderlich
February 20 Temporal Memory Streaming Thomas Wenisch
February 27 Comprehensive Detection of Errors in Multithreaded Memory Systems
HH 1112
Dan Sorin
Duke University
March 6 Innovating with OpenSPARC David Weaver
Sun Microsystems
March 13 No seminar - Spring Break
March 20 No seminar - please attend David Patterson's Katayanagi Prize Lecture
4:00 pm, WH 7500
March 27 System-level Timing Analysis and Optimization for Hardware Compilation Girish Venkataramani
April 3 Eliminating the Store Queue Stephen Somogyi
April 10 MultiMap: Preserving disk locality for multidimensional datasets Minglong Shao
April 11 Multiprocessor Architectures for Programmability
Faculty Candidate Talk, noon, HH 1112
Luis Ceze
April 12 Towards the Ideal On-Chip Interconnect Fabric
ECE Seminar, 4:30pm Thursday, Scaife Hall
Li-Shiuan Peh
Princeton University
April 16 Adaptive Predicated Execution
Faculty Candidate Talk, noon, HH 1112
Hyesoon Kim
April 17 Last-Touch Correlated Data Streaming Mike Ferdman
April 24 No seminar - Qualifying exam week
May 1 Program Generation for the All-Pairs Shortest Path Problem Sungchul Han
May 11 Software Defined Acoustic Modems
Noon, HH 1112
Ryan Kastner
UC Santa Barbara
June 5 Quantifying the Effectiveness of Testing via Efficient Residual Path Profiling
Intel Research Pittsburgh Seminar
10:30 am – noon, Suite 410 CIC (4th floor)
Trishul Chilimbi
Microsoft Research
June 18 Universal Cache Miss Equations for the Memory Hierarchy
Joint CALCM/DB Seminar
4:30 pm, Wean Hall 7220
Y.C. Tay
National University of Singapore

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Fall 2006

Date Title Speaker
September 19 Optimal Scheduling and Register Allocation for Inner Kernels Yevgen Voronenko
September 21 An Actor/dataflow Programming Model for Platform FPGAs
ECE Seminar
4:30 pm, 125 Scaife Hall
Dave Parlour
September 22 Exploiting Multicore Architecture for Secure Revivable Services
Intel Research Pittsburgh Seminar
1:00 pm, Suite 410 CIC (4th floor)
Hsien-Hsin Sean Lee
Georgia Institute of Technology
September 26 Distributed Caching in the Tartan Reconfigurable Fabric Mahim Mishra
October 3 RAS Design Practices in Commercial Microprocessors
HH 1112
Nhon Quach
October 10 A Self-Checkpointing Microprocessor Based on Magnetoelectronic Devices Nick Carter
October 17 Using Computer Architecture and Code Optimization Techniques to Create Fast and Effective Data Compressors Martin Burtscher
Cornell University
October 24 No seminar - Midsemester break  
October 31 Leveraging Protocol Knowledge in Slack Matching Girish Venkataramani
November 7 Staged Database Server Design for Emerging Computer Architectures Ippokratis Pandis
November 14 No seminar - Qualifying exam week  
November 21 Managing Distributed, Shared L2 Caches through OS-Level Page Allocation Sangyeun Cho
University of Pittsburgh
November 28 Building a Synthesizable x86 for FPGA Emulation Eriko Nurvitadhi
December 6 Reunion: Complexity-Effective Multicore Redundancy Jared Smolens

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Spring 2006

Date Title Speaker
January 31 PROTOFLEX: Co-Simulation for Component-wise FPGA Emulator Development Eric Chung
February 7 Spatial Memory Streaming Stephen Somogyi
February 14 Redesigning Database Hash Join Algorithms in Light of CPU Cache Prefetching Shimin Chen
February 21 Modeling the Global Critical Path of Highly Concurrent Systems Girish Venkataramani
February 28 High-Performance Reliability, Availability and Serviceability for Scalable Memory Systems Jangwoo Kim
March 7 Big Wins With Small Application-aware Software-managed Caches Julio Lopez
March 14 No seminar - Spring break  
March 20 Heterogeneous Multi-Core Computing
Faculty Candidate Talk
1:30pm, NSH 3305
Rakesh Kumar
University of California, San Diego
March 21 Evaluating Spatial Computation For Whole Program Execution using the Tartan Architecture Mahim Mishra
March 22 Nanowire-based Computing Systems
Faculty Candidate Talk
10:00am, NSH 3305
Andre DeHon
California Institute of Technology
March 28 Addressing Variability in GALS Architectures Sebastian Herbert
April 4 No Seminar  
April 11 Towards a More Principled Compiler Dave Koes
April 18 Understanding Failure at Scale Bianca Schroeder
April 25 Automatic Generation of Custom Hardware for DSP Transforms Peter Milder
May 1 AEGIS: Architectural EnGine for Information Security
Faculty Candidate Talk
10:00am, HH D-210
Edward Suh
Pufco Inc.
May 1 Rethinking Processor and System Architecture
Faculty Candidate Talk
11:00am, NSH 3305
Steve Swanson
University of Washington
May 1 An Overview of the Singularity Project
POP Seminar
3:30pm, NSH 1305
David Tarditi
Microsoft Research
May 4 Log-based Architectures
SDI/LCS/CALCM/Intel Seminar
Noon, CIC 2101
Phil Gibbons and Mike Kozuch
Intel Research Pittsburgh
May 16 LogTM: Log-based Transactional Memory
4:00pm, HH 1112
Mark Hill
May 18 Optimizing Program Locality Using Hot Data Streams
4:00pm, HH D-210
Trishul Chilimbi
May 30 Runahead Execution: A Power-efficient Mechanism for Tolerating Long Main Memory Latencies
4:00pm, HH 1112
Onur Mutlu

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Fall 2005

Date Title Speaker
September 6 Optimizing MMM for a DSP Roland Wunderlich
September 13 Store-Ordered Streaming of Shared Memory
Thomas Wenisch
September 20 Faculty Candidate Talk
3:30pm, HH 1112
Franz Franchetti
September 26 Automatic Verification of Sequential Consistency for Unbounded Addresses and Data Values
(10:30am in CIC 2101)
Alan J. Hu
University of British Columbia
October 6 Transactions: A New Approach to Programming and Prototyping Parallel Systems
Joint CALCM/SDI/Intel seminar)
(12:00 at Intel Research Pittsburgh)
Kunle Olukotun
Stanford University
October 10 RegionScout and Checkpoint Prediction
Andreas Moshovos
University of Toronto
October 11 DBMbench: Fast and Accurate Database Workload Representation on Modern Microarchitecture Minglong Shao
October 18 Fingerprinting: Low-overhead Error Detection on Commodity Microprocessors Jared Smolens
October 25 HP/Tandem NonStop Systems: Then and Now Brian Gold
November 1 Global History Buffer Mike Ferdman
November 8 Developing with Flexus Thomas Wenisch
November 15 No seminar - Qualifying exam week  
November 22 No seminar - ISCA preparation week  
November 29 The Era of Tera
Joint SCS/ECE Technology Leader Seminar
(4:00pm in the Singleton Room, Roberts Hall)
Pat Gelsinger
December 6 Understanding the Performance of Concurrent Error Detecting Superscalar Microarchitectures Jared Smolens

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Spring 2005

Date Title Speaker
January 13 Designing Commercial Servers and A Multiprocessor Flight Data Recorder
(joint seminar with ECE)
Mark Hill
University of Wisconsin
January 20 Integrating High-Bandwidth Networking into Modern Architectures
(joint seminar with ECE)

Steve Reinhardt
University of Michigan

January 25 Memory Coherence Activity Prediction in Commercial Workloads Stephen Somogyi
February 1 An Empirical Study of Data Speculation Use on the Intel Itanium 2 Processor Jose Baiocchi
University of Pittsburgh
February 4 Single Chip Multiprocessors: The Next Wave of Computer Architecture
(special date/time/location at Pitt)

Guri Sohi
University of Wisconsin

February 8 No Seminar  
February 15 No Seminar  
February 22 Microarchitecture Optimizations for Exploiting MLP Eric Chung
March 1 No Seminar  
March 15 A Fully Associative Software-Managed Cache Design Brian Gold
March 22 No Seminar  
March 29 StagedDB: Designing Database Servers for Modern Hardware Stavros Harizopoulos
April 1 Can Parallel Computing Finally Impact Mainstream Computing?
(10:30am at Intel Research Pittsburgh)
Uzi Vishkin
University of Maryland
April 5 Clustered Multi-Threading: A Platform for Integrated Dynamic Thermal and Reliability Management David Albonesi
Cornell University
April 6 Network-on-Chip - towards communication-centric System-on-Chip design Tobias Bjerregaard
Technical University of Denmark
April 12 Unbounded Transactional Memory Vasilis Liaskovitis
April 19 Constructing a Memory Access Network Architecture for Application Specific Hardware
(special location: HH A-306)
Girish Venkataramani
April 26 Liberating Threads from Sequential Programs David August
Princeton University
May 3 Formal Loop Merging For Signal Transforms Yevgen Voronenko

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Fall 2004

Date Title Speaker
September 1 A Programming Language for Ad-hoc Networks of Mobile Devices (joint seminar with CSSI) Uli Kremer
September 7 TurboSmarts: They've gone to plaid!

Thomas Wenisch
Roland Wunderlich

September 21 Transactional Coherence & Consistency

Christos Kozyrakis

September 28 No Seminar


October 5 Fingerprinting: Bounding Soft-Error Detection Latency and Bandwidth

Jared Smolens

October 12 Active Emulation: Expanding Evaluation Context via Outward Replications of Experimental Design Impacts

Eriko Nurvitadhi

October 19 New Additions to the CASH Compiler

Tibi Chelcea

October 26 No Seminar


November 2 Speculative Lock Elision: Enabling Highly Concurrent Multithreaded Execution

Eric Chung

November 8 Merrimac - Supercomputing with Streams

Mattan Erez

November 16 No Seminar - ISCA Preparation Week


November 23 Distributed Parity: Protecting Shared Memory

Jangwoo Kim

November 30 Efficient Resource Sharing in Concurrent Error Detecting Superscalar Microarchitectures

Jared Smolens

December 7 Last-Touch Correlated Data Streaming

Mike Ferdman

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Spring 2004

Date Title Speaker
January 27 The Effects of Architecture on Security, and Vice-versa James Hendricks
February 3 The Reality and Promise of Reconfigurable Computing in Digital Signal Processing

David Parlour

February 10 no seminar  
February 17 On the Energy Efficiency of Computation Engines Mihai Budiu
February 24 Speculative Parallelism in Database Systems  Chris Colohan
March 2 Compiler Optimization of Memory-Resident Value Communication Between Speculative Threads Antonia Zhai
March 9 Spring Break - no seminar  
March 16 no seminar  
March 23 Accurate and Complexity-Effective Spatial Pattern Prediction Chi Chen
March 30 Modeling and FPGA Prototyping of an Itanium Architecture Roland Wunderlich
April 6 STEPS towards Cache-resident Transaction Processing Stavros Harizopoulos
April 13 Defect Tolerance at the End of the Roadmap Mahim Mishra
April 20 Register Allocation for Irregular Architectures Dave Koes 
April 27 Hybrid Sequential-Spatial Computers with Unified Instruction Set Architectures Brian Van Essen 
Ben Ylvisaker
May 11 Soft Errors in Microprocessors Shubu Mukherjee

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Fall 2003

Date Title Speaker
September 16 DBMbench: Microbenchmarking Database Systems in a Small, yet Real World (joint seminar with Intel) Minglong Shao
September 18 Network Interface Architecture and Performance (joint seminar with SDI/LCS) Vijay S. Pai
September 23 Near-Optimal Bitline Precharging in High-Performance Nanoscale CMOS Caches Se-Hyun Yang
October 9 Bluespec: Why Chip Design Can't Be Left to EE's (joint seminar with ECE) Arvind
October 16 Sub-lithographic Semiconductor Computing Systems (joint seminar with ECE) Andre Dehon
October 21 Spatial Computation Mihai Budiu
October 28 Programmer Specified Pointer Independence Dave Koes
November 6 Coarse-Grained Configurable Architectures (joint seminar with ECE) Carl Ebling
November 20 Things CPU Architects Need To Think About (joint seminar with ECE) Bob Colwell
November 25 Reliability Through Architecture: Fault Tolerant Systems for the 21st Century Brian Gold
December 2 Full system simulation: Simulating a $2M commercial server on a $2K PC? Jangwoo Kim

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Spring 2003

Date Title Speaker
January 28 HASTE: Hybrid Architectures with a Single Transformable Executable Benjamin A. Levine
February 4 no seminar
February 11 no seminar
February 18 Probabilistic Logics and the Synthesis of Reliable Organisms from Unreliable Components p. Stanley-Marbell
February 25 no seminar
February 27 EV8: The Post-ultimate Alpha Joel Emer
March 4 Timekeeping in the Memory System: Predicting and Optimizing Memory Behavior Nikos Hardavellas
March 11 High Performance Microarchitectural Fault Tolerance Jared Smolens
March 14 Low-Overhead Selective Re-Execution in the Polymorphic TRIPS Processor

Doug Burger

March 18 Increasing Memory Parallelism with a Spatial Compiler Mihai Budiu
March 25 no seminar - Spring Break  
April 1 Store-Ordered Streaming: Cooperative Mechanisms to Eliminate Coherent Read Misses in a DSM Stephen Somogyi
April 3 Token Coherence: Enabling Faster Multiprocessor Servers by Decoupling Performance and Correctness (joint seminar with SCS) Milo Martin
April 8 no seminar  
April 15 no seminar  
April 22 Tamper-Resistant Platforms for Secure Systems (joint seminar with C3S) Srinivas Devadas
April 24

Extracting Thread-level Parallelism on Simultaneous Multithreaded Processors (joint seminar with ECE)

Susan Eggers
April 29

Energy-Driven Hardware Adaptations for Multimedia Applications

Sarita Adve

May 1 Enterprise IT Trends and Outlook

Dalibor Vrsalovic

May 8 SMARTS: Accelerating Microarchitecture Simulation via Rigorous Statistical Sampling

Tom Wenisch

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Fall 2002

Date Title Speaker
September 17 Compiler Optimization of Scalar Value Communication Between Speculative Threads Antonia Zhai
September 24 Clustered Architectures with GALS Clocking Schemes Katrina Zwicker
October 1
October 8 Factors Influencing the Performance of a CPU-RFU Hybrid Architecture Girish Venkataramani
October 15 Stream Processing Bill Dally
October 22 The Non-linear Path from Ideas to Silicon Ed Ghrochowski
October 29 Flexus: A Line-Usage-Conscious Low Power Cache Memory Chi Chen
October 31 The Princeton ZebraNet Project: Power-Aware Computing meets Biocomplexity Research Margaret Martonosi
November 5 Breaking the Memory Wall! Babak Falsafi
November 12 Fractal Prefetching B+-Trees: Optimizing Both Cache and Disk Performance Shimin Chen
December 3 Adventures in Computer Architecture: Lattice Gas Automata Andreas Nowatzyk
December 5 Exploiting Speculative Multithreading Josep Torrellas
December 10 Transient-fault recovery via Simultaneous Multithreading T. N. Vijaykumar

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Spring 2002

Date Title Speaker
January 15 An Organizational Meeting Babak Falsafi
January 24
Thursday @ HH D210
A Joint Seminar with SDI/LCS
rePLay : A Hardware Framework for Dynamic Optimization
Sanjay Patel
University Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
January 29 Talk #1 A Hardware Architecture for Dynamic Performance and Energy Adaptation Phillip Stanley-Marbell
January 29 Talk #2 Exploiting Choice in Resizable Cache Design to Optimize Deep-Submicron Processor Energy-Delay Se-Hyun Yang
February 7
Thursday 2:30pm
Power: The Next Frontier Ronny Ronen
Intel MRL
February 12 Towards a power efficient trace-cache based microarchitecture Emil Talpes
February 19 Scalable Defect Tolerance for Molecular Electronics Mahim Mishra
March 5 The PentiumŪ 4 Processor Douglas M. Carmean
Intel Corporation
March 12 ASPLOS deadline no seminar
March 19
ASH: A Substrate for Scalable Architectures Mihai Budiu
March 26 Efficient Representations and Abstractions for Quantifying and Exploiting Data Reference Locality Thomas Wenisch
April 2 Spring Break no seminar
April 9 Transient Fault Detection and Recovery in Superscalar Processors Joydeep Ray
April 16 Accelerating Microarchitecture Preformance Simulations Roland Wunderlich &
Thomas Wenisch
April 23 Photo Session no seminar
April 30 Power and Performance Evaluation of Globally Asynchronous, Locally Synchronous Processors Diana Marculescu

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Fall 2001

Date Title Speaker
October 5 A Microprocessor Design for 2014 Doug Burger
U. of Texas
October 18
12- 1 p.m.
Newell Simon Hall 3305
Moore's Law: Is it Time to Just Give Up and Work on Easier Problems? Yale Patt
U. of Texas
TBA Soft-Error Tolerant Superscalar Joydeep Ray

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