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Computer Architecture Students (self-reported, not complete)

First Last Research Advisor Program Target Date Area of Interest
Nnamdi Adom MS 2019 “GPU, Accelerated computing, visualization ”
Rachata Ausavarungnirun Mutlu PostDoc 2018 Heterogeneous CPU-GPUarchitecture
Vignesh Balaji Lucia PhD 2020 “specialization for graph computing, approximate computing, parallel computer architecture”
Amirali Boroumand Mutlu PhD 2019 memory system energy efficiency andreliability
Paul Brouwer Franchetti PhD 2021 “High performance, GPU, Algorithms”
Ermao Cai D. Marculescu PhD 2018 Energy aware computing
Kevin Chang Mutlu PhD 2017 computer architecture;memory system;cloudcomputing;virtualization servers;
Pranav Channakeshava Hoe MS 2017 “Computer Architecture, Reconfigurable Computing”
Zhuo Chen D. Marculescu PhD 2018 “Energy-aware computing, heterogeneous system scheduling”
Ting-Wu Chin D. Marculescu PhD 2022 “Energy-aware computing, Machine Learning”
Harish Dattatraya Dixit MS 2017 “Computer Architecture, Hardware Design”
Ruizhou Ding D. Marculescu PhD 2020 “Energy-aware Computing, Computer Architecture, Machine Learning”
Chris Fallin Mowry/Gibbons PhD 2018 “concurrency, runtime analysis”
Graham Gobieski Lucia/Beckmann PhD 2022 Intermittent Computing
Shreedutt Hegde Hoe MS 2017 “HPC , FPGA, High level synthesis, computer architecture.”
Kevin Hsieh Gibbons/Mutlu PhD 2018 “Big data systems, machine learning systems, computer architecture”
Ahmet Fatih Inci D. Marculescu PhD 2022 “Energy-Aware Computing, Computer Architecture, Machine Learning”
Abhilasha Jain Ghose MS 2017 “Computer Architecture, Memory Systems”
Yang Li Mutlu PhD 2018 “heterogeneous memory system, emerging memorytechnologies”
Elliot Lockerman Beckmann PhD 2022 Caching
Yixin Luo Mutlu PhD 2017 Computer Architecture
Joseph Melber Hoe PhD 2019 “Computer Architecture, FPGA”
Marie Nguyen Hoe PhD 2019 “computer vision, FPGA acceleration”
Thom Popovici Franchetti PhD 2018 Compilers/Optimizations/Codegeneration/High performance/Algorithms
Emily Ruppel Lucia PhD 2021 Intermittent Computing
Brian Schwedock Beckmann PhD 2022 “Computer Architecture, Computer Systems”
Damla Senol Mutlu/Ghose PhD 2021 “Computational Biology, Computer Architecture”
Dimitrios Stamoulis D. Marculescu PhD 2020 Energy-aware computing
Richard Veras Franchetti PhD 2017 “Automatic Program Generation, High PerformanceComputing, Scientific Computing, Dense Linear Algebra”
Nandita Vijaykumar Mutlu PhD 2018 GPU Architectures
Yu Wang Hoe PhD 2018 “FPGA acceleration, graph/irregular algorithms”
Hongyi Xin Mutlu PhD 2017 “HPC, Accelerator, Computational Biology”
Guanglin Xu Hoe/Franchetti PhD 2019 Computer Architecture
Jiyuan Zhang Franchetti PhD 2019
Zhipeng Zhao Hoe PhD 2019 “Computer Architecture, FPGA”