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 +====== Write HLS Code toward the Quality of Hand-written RTL: A Case Study of FFT ======
 +Wednesday April 5, 2017\\
 +Location: CIC Panther Hollow Room\\
 +Time: 4:30PM\\
 +**Guanglin Xu (CMU)**\\
 +High-level Synthesis (HLS) improves the productivity of FPGA
 +designers by using compilers to generate RTL code previously hand-written.
 +However, a practical limitation arises when a hardware design cannot be
 +efficiently synthesized from the HLS compiler. In this talk, we discuss the
 +limitations of loop concurrency and interface synthesis in a production HLS
 +compiler in generating efficient Pease FFT kernels. We then show the advantage
 +of coding with an event-based dataflow paradigm. Using this approach, we
 +obtain kernels comparable to hand-written RTL implementations. Our results
 +suggest that event-based dataflow paradigm is potentially a powerful solution
 +for obtaining high quality designs from HLS.
 +Guanglin Xu is a 3rd year PhD student co-advised by Prof. James Hoe and Prof.
 +Franz Franchetti. ​ His research is focused on FPGA, High-level synthesis and
 +automatic code generation.
 +**[[seminars| Back to the seminar page]]**