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 +====== Let's Talk About Non-Volatile Memory Database Systems ======
 +==== Joy Arulraj, CMU  ====
 +== Wednesday 2/25, 4:00-5:00pm ==
 +== CIC Panther Hollow ==
 +===== Abstract =====
 +The advent of non-volatile memory (NVM) will fundamentally change the
 +dichotomy between memory and durable storage in database management
 +systems (DBMSs). These new NVM devices are almost as fast as DRAM, but
 +all writes to it are potentially persistent even after power loss.
 +Existing DBMSs are unable to take full advantage of this technology
 +because their internal architectures are predicated on the assumption
 +that memory is volatile. With NVM, many of the components of legacy
 +DBMSs are unnecessary and will degrade the performance of data
 +intensive applications.
 +In this talk, I will discuss our work in developing new high-
 +performance DBMSs that are able to take advantage of NVM's unique
 +properties. I will begin by discussing the development of different
 +storage and recovery methods for OLTP workloads. Our experimental
 +evaluation on a NVM hardware emulator show that these NVM-optimized
 +methods achieve up to 5.5X higher throughput than their traditional
 +counterparts while reducing the amount of wear due to write operations
 +by up to 2X. These methods are also able to restore the database to a
 +correct state nearly instantaneously after a crash. I will then
 +discuss the early development of N-Store, a new hybrid DBMS designed
 +specifically for NVM.
 +===== Bio =====
 +Joy Arulraj is a second year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department ​
 +at CMU. He is advised by Prof. Andy Pavlo. His general research interest
 +is in database systems. Recently, he has been looking at exploiting ​
 +non-volatile memory technologies to improve the performance of database
 +systems. Before coming to CMU, Joy received is M.S. in Computer Science from 
 +the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is B.E in Computer Science from 
 +the College of Engineering,​ Guindy (Anna University).