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 +======Toward Programmable High-Performance Multicores======
 +Tuesday April 16, 2013\\
 +CIC Panther Hollow Room\\
 +4:30-6.30 pm\\
 +**Josep Torrellas (UIUC) **\\
 +One of the biggest challenges facing us today is how to design parallel
 +architectures that attain high performance while efficiently supporting a
 +programmable environment. In this talk, I describe novel organizations that
 +will make the next generation of multicores more programmable and higher
 +performance. Specifically,​ I show how to automatically reuse the upcoming
 +transactional memory hardware for optimized code generation. Next, I
 +describe a prototype of Record&​Replay hardware that brings program
 +monitoring for debugging and security to the next level of capability. I
 +also describe a new design of hardware fences that is overhead-free and
 +requires no software support. Finally, if time permits, I will outline
 +architectural support to detect sequential consistency violations
 +Josep Torrellas is a Professor of Computer Science and Electrical and
 +Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
 +(UIUC). He is a Fellow of IEEE and ACM. He is the Director of the Center for
 +Programmable Extreme-Scale Computing, a center funded by DARPA, DOE, and NSF
 +that focuses on architectures for extreme energy and power efficiency. He
 +also directs the Intel-Illinois Parallelism Center (I2PC), a center created
 +by Intel to advance parallel computing in clients. He has made contributions
 +to parallel computer architecture in the areas of shared-memory
 +multiprocessor organizations,​ cache hierarchies and coherence protocols,
 +thread-level speculation,​
 +and hardware and software reliability. He received a Ph.D. from
 +Stanford University.
 +**[[seminars| Back to the seminar page]]**