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 +====== A Path to Achieving Sequential Correctness for Parallel Programs ======
 +====  Satish Narayanasamy (University of Michigan) ====
 +== Tuesday, October 8, 4:​30pm-5:​30pm ==
 +== HH D-210  ==
 +===== Abstract =====
 +Parallel computers are becoming all pervasive, from cell phones to
 +data centers. However, parallel programming continues to be a daunting task
 +to this day, even for experts. Even a semantics as fundamental as what value
 +a load from shared memory can return is poorly defined in popular concurrent
 +languages like C++ and Java.
 +In this talk, I will discuss how by co-designing hardware, compilers, and
 +operating systems, we can solve some of the fundamental challenges in parallel
 +programming. Specifically,​ I will present our ultra-low overhead solutions
 +for supporting language-level sequential consistency semantics and some
 +powerful tools for testing multi-threaded programs.
 +===== Bio =====
 +Satish Narayanasamy is an Assistant Professor in the EECS Department at the
 +University of Michigan, where he joined in 2008. He has a Ph.D.
 +in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. His
 +research interests include computer architecture and software systems.
 +His current focus is on improving the programmability and reliability of
 +multiprocessors. ​ He is the recipient of several awards including NSF
 +CAREER, ASPLOS best paper, and IEEE Top Picks awards.