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 +======Models and Architectures for Heterogeneous System Design======
 +Friday April 5, 2013\\
 +Hamerschlag Hall 1107\\
 +**Andreas Gerstlauer (UT Austin) **\\
 +With traditional boundaries between embedded and general-purpose
 +computing blurring, both domains increasingly deal with complex,
 +heterogeneous,​ software-intensive yet tightly constrained
 +systems. This creates new challenges for modeling, synthesis and
 +component design at the intersection of applications and
 +architectures. For modeling of inherently dynamic behavior,
 +simulations continue to play an important role. We first present an
 +abstract, host-compiled modeling approach that provides a fast and
 +accurate alternative to traditional solutions. ​ By navigating
 +tradeoffs in coarse-grain executions, full-system simulations in close
 +to real time with more than 90% accuracy become possible. Models then
 +provide the basis for automated design space exploration as part of a
 +system compiler that can automatically synthesize parallel application
 +models onto optimized hardware/​software platforms. Finally, we will
 +discuss results on co-design of novel domain-specific components for
 +future heterogeneous platforms. We specifically explore fundamental
 +tradeoffs between flexibility and specialization,​ and between error
 +acceptance and energy in the design of high-performance yet low-power
 +processors for linear algebra and signal processing applications.
 +Andreas Gerstlauer is an Assistant Professor in Electrical and
 +Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He received
 +his Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science from the University of
 +California, Irvine (UCI) in 2004.  Prior to joining UT Austin in 2008,
 +he was an Assistant Researcher in the Center for Embedded Computer
 +Systems (CECS) at UC Irvine, leading a research group to develop
 +electronic system-level (ESL) design tools. Dr. Gerstlauer is
 +co-author on 3 books and more than 60 conference and journal
 +publications,​ and his paper on OS modeling was reprinted as one of the most 
 +influential contributions in 10 years at DATE. His research interests include
 +system-level design automation, system modeling, design languages and
 +methodologies,​ and embedded hardware and software synthesis.
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