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 +======Customizing Communication and Computation======
 +Wednesday Sept. 12, 2012\\
 +Hamerschlag Hall D-210\\
 +4:00 pm\\
 +**Eric Chung (Microsoft Research)**\\
 + The virtuous cycle of Moore’s Law has reached an impasse. Due to
 +technology limitations,​ the incommensurate scaling of energy relative
 +to transistor density threatens to undermine the scalability of future
 +computing devices. ​ In this talk, I will first describe several
 +opportunities for addressing this challenge through efficient
 +customization of communication and computation. ​ In the remainder of
 +the talk, I will present several ongoing efforts that span the
 +development of flexible, programmable accelerators to the design of
 +custom interconnects in the data center and future computing devices.
 + Eric Chung is currently a post-doc researcher at Microsoft
 +Research Silicon Valley and received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon in
 +2011. Eric’s research interests lie in the exploration,​ prototyping,​
 +and programmability of future, energy-efficient computer
 +architectures. ​ At CMU, Eric led the CoRAM project, an effort to
 +re-think the architecture of FPGAs for computing. ​ He was also the
 +project lead for ProtoFlex, which developed large-scale,​ full-system
 +multiprocessor emulators using FPGAs.
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