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 +====== Trends in Data-Centric and Heterogeneous Systems ======
 +==== Peter Hofstee, IBM Austin Research Laboratory ====
 +== Tuesday 11/11, 12-1pm ==
 +== CIC Panther Hollow ==
 +===== Abstract =====
 +This talk starts with some observations about trends in Big Data Systems and
 +more generally in Data-Centric Systems. We point out how a number of these
 +trends are bringing the different types of Data-Centric Systems closer
 +together and we point out some opportunities for further unification. Next
 +we show how some of these systems can be realized and further improved with
 +technologies recently brought together in the OpenPOWER foundation. Specific
 +examples will include improved compression,​ text and image analytics
 +acceleration,​ and a method for user-level access to flash leveraging the
 +OpenPOWER coherent accelerator processor interface.
 +===== Bio =====
 +Dr. Peter Hofstee currently works at the IBM Austin Research
 +Laboratory on workload-optimized and hybrid systems. Peter has degrees in
 +theoretical physics (MS, Rijks Universiteit Groningen, Netherlands) and
 +computer science (PhD, California Inst. of Technology). At IBM Peter has
 +worked on microprocessors,​ including the first CMOS processor to demonstrate
 +GHz operation (1997), and he was the chief architect of the synergistic
 +processor elements in the Cell Broadband Engine, known from its use in the
 +Sony Playstation 3 and the Roadrunner supercomputer that first broke the 1
 +Petaflop Linpack benchmark. His interests include VLSI, multicore and
 +heterogeneous microprocessor architecture,​ security, system design and
 +programming. Peter has over 100 patents. Peter was also recently appointed
 +as a professor (part time) at Delft University.