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 +======Introduction to the ARM Architecture======
 +Tuesday Feb. 15, 2011\\
 +Hamerschlag Hall 1112\\
 +4:00 pm\\
 +**William Hohl**\\
 +ARM announces a technical seminar specifically for university students, staff, and others interested at CMU.  In about an hour, the workshop covers the company business model, ARM processors and architectures,​ programmer’s models, the ARM Instruction Set Architecture,​ basic system design, core pipelines, power issues, development tools, and a demonstration of the latest ARM technology. The seminar is free to students, faculty, and others.
 +If you are an engineering or computer science student studying hardware or software, computer architecture / organization,​ embedded, real-time systems / applications,​ microprocessors/​MCUs,​ low-power applications,​ robotics, mechatronics,​ or you’re starting a project, you will find this short course useful. Think of it as a crash course on ARM.
 +William Hohl has been with ARM for nearly 14 years, first as a
 +principal designer on the ARM10 design team, then as head of US support
 +operations, and now as Worldwide University Relations Manager.
 +Previously he worked at Motorola'​s High-End Processor Division with the
 +68040 design team, then helping to design the first generation of
 +ColdFire 68K processors. Prior to that, he worked at Texas Instruments
 +as an Applications Engineer in the DSP and ASIC divisions. He is a
 +Senior Member of IEEE and the author of ARM Assembly Language -
 +Fundamentals and Techniques. He holds an MSEE and BSEE from Texas A&M University, as well as 6 US patents.\\
 +**[[seminars| Back to the seminar page]]**