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 +====== ECE Research Seminar: Mathematical and Computational Problems in Radiation Therapy ======
 +Thursday Oct. 22, 2015\\
 +Location: Hamerschlag Hall D-210\\
 +Time: 1:00PM\\
 +**[[https://​www.linkedin.com/​pub/​yevgen-voronenko/​1/​834/​b73|Dr. Yevgen Voronenko ]]**\\
 +Destroying cancers with radiation has a long history dating back to 1896.
 +Before computers and more importantly CT scanners became widely
 +available, the early radiotherapy treatments were planned and calculated
 +using pencil, paper and coordinate grids drawn directly on patients body.
 +Today, radiotherapy planning is a much easier process that is done
 +completely electronically and without any manual calculations.  
 +Computer‐aided radiotherapy treatment planning opened up a huge
 +research field on its own. In this seminar, we will introduce the audience to
 +the research problems in automated treatment planning, many of which
 +overlap with the familiar discrete signal and image processing fields, as well
 +as image reconstruction and discrete optimization. Unlike in most other
 +fields, just slightly improved or more efficient solutions in radiotherapy
 +planning lead to improved patient outcomes, including better survival rates
 +and reduced side effects.
 +Yevgen is a Software Architect at RefleXion Medical responsible for
 +engineering RefleXion’s treatment planning system, and dose delivery
 +algorithms.  Prior to RefleXion, Yevgen served as a Research Scientist at
 +Accuray, where he focused on sub‐millimeter accuracy in dose calculation,​
 +automation of large scale Monte‐Carlo simulations,​ and treatment planning
 +beam optimization. Earlier in his career, Yevgen in collaboration with CMU
 +researchers co‐founded SpiralGen, a company specializing in compiler
 +automation tools for performance critical signal processing applications.
 +Yevgen holds a BS in Computer Science from Drexel University and a PhD  
 +in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon.
 +**[[seminars| Back to the seminar page]]**