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 +====== Chain: Tasks and Channels for Reliable Intermittent Programs ======
 +Tuesday October 18th, 2016\\
 +Location: Panther Hollow Conference Room, CIC - 4th Floor\\
 +Time: 4:30PM\\
 +**[[http://​alexeicolin.com/​ | Alexei Colin (CMU)]]**\\
 +Energy harvesting computers enable general-purpose computing using
 +energy collected from their environment. Energy-autonomy of such devices
 +has great potential, but their intermittent power supply poses a
 +challenge. Intermittent program execution compromises progress and
 +leaves state inconsistent. This work describes Chain: a new model for
 +programming intermittent devices.
 +A Chain program is a set of programmer-defined tasks that compute and
 +exchange data through channels. Chain guarantees forward progress at
 +task granularity. A task is restartable and never sees inconsistent
 +state, because its input and output channels are separated. Our system
 +supports language features for expressing advanced data exchange
 +patterns and for encapsulating reusable functionality.
 +Chain fundamentally differs from state-of-the-art checkpointing
 +approaches and does not incur the associated overhead. We implement
 +Chain as C language extensions and a runtime library. We used Chain to
 +implement four applications:​ machine learning, encryption, compression,​
 +and sens- ing. In experiments,​ Chain ensured consistency where prior
 +approaches failed and improved throughput by 2-7x over the leading
 +state-of-the-art system.
 +Alexei Colin is a fifth year Ph.D. student in the Department of
 +Electrical and Computer Engineering at CMU advised by Prof. Brandon
 +Lucia. He researches compilers, systems and tools for programming
 +intermittently-powered energy-harvesting devices.
 +**[[seminars| Back to the seminar page]]**