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 +====== big.LITTLE Unleashed ======
 +==== Adam From (ARM) ====
 +== Tuesday, Sep. 16th, 4:​30pm-5:​30pm ==
 +== CIC Panther Hollow ==
 +===== Abstract =====
 +Today’s mobile application processors need to strike a fine balance between single-thread,​ multi-thread,​ thermally-constrained high-intensity and low-intensity workloads. They need to also provide higher levels of performance,​ better user-experience and a longer battery life. big.LITTLE heterogeneous multi-processing (HMP), consisting of high-performance “big” cores coupled with low-power “LITTLE” cores, allow a diverse mix of modern workloads to run on the most appropriate cores. As big.LITTLE continues to evolve, full HMP operation is becoming standard, the arrival of 2+4 topologies add to the diversity of supported options and the software has extended to support 64-bit on ARMv8. In this talk, we will showcase measured performance and power-savings on the latest big.LITTLE based solutions.
 +===== Bio =====
 +Adam From has worked in the semiconductor industry for 13+ years.
 +Throughout his career he has focused on memory subsystems from load/store
 +unit verification and multi-processor coherency to scalable interconnect
 +protocols for server-class products. He joined ARM in 2010 to leverage his
 +expertise in these areas as they expand to new market segments. Adam earned
 +his MS and BS degrees in ECE from Carnegie Mellon University in 2001.