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 +======Title:​ Die Stacking is Happening ======
 +==== Bryan Black ====
 +== Tuesday, April 29th, 4:​30pm-5:​30pm ==
 +== Panther Hollow, CIC ==
 +This is the Micro 46 Keynote talk.   It starts with a sample die stacking
 +technology flow illustrating interesting interactions between technology and
 +design. It will then explain why, after more than 10 years of development,​
 +die stacking is finally happening in mainstream computing. The talk will
 +close with an outline of how die stacking is going to impact the industry.
 +Along the way perhaps some exciting areas of research will be discussed.
 +Bryan Black received his BS, MS, and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon. With over
 +20 years of experience Black has had the honor of working at Motorola,
 +Intel, and AMD. He has done a little of everything from devices to circuits
 +to microarchitecture to DRAM to test to packaging. Black began his research
 +into die stacking over 10 years ago. The work has matured and Black is now
 +focused on product development and high volume manufacturing of the
 +technology. Black is a Senior AMD Fellow and runs the AMD die stacking