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 +====== Speeding-up Microarchitecture Performance and Energy Analysis ======
 +==== Mohammad Fattah (University of Turku) ====
 +== Tuesday, Jan. 28th, 4:​00pm-5:​00pm ==
 +== Hamerschlag Hall D-210 ==
 +===== Abstract =====
 +Does the wormhole routing completely relax the need for the contiguous allocation in networked systems?
 +In this talk, I will present a run-time mapping algorithm, CASqA, in which the level of ​​ contiguousness of the allocated processors (α) can be adjusted in a fine-grained fashion. A strictly contiguous allocation (α=0) decreases the latency and power dissipation of the network and improves the applications execution time. However, it limits the achievable throughput and increases the tu ​​rnaround time of the applications. As a result, and thanks to wormhole routing, recent works consider non-contiguous allocation (α=1) to improve the throughput traded off against applications execution time and network metrics. In contradiction to common wise, our experiments show that a higher throughput with improved network performance can be achieved when using intermediate α values.
 +===== Bio =====
 +Mohammad Fattah is a third-year PhD in the department of information technology at University of Turku, Finland, working with Associate Professor Juha Plosila. He is now doing a visiting research with Professor Onur Mutlu at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously, he received his B.Sc. from University of Isfahan and his M.Sc. from university of Tehran, Iran. Mohammad is interested in problems associated with run-time resource management in future many-core systems.