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 +====== Next generation Xilinx architecture and software ======
 +Wednesday September 26, 2018\\
 +Location: Hamerschlag Hall D210\\
 +Time: 4:​30PM-5:​30PM\\
 +The talk will start with a brief overview of Xilinx'​s current architecture and software stack for Machine Learning, Embedded Vision, Automotive etc. The talk will then motivate the next-generation Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP), based on Xilinx'​s broad focus areas spanning embedded to data center applications. Further, some details of this new architecture,​ which includes a large array of programmable compute cores, will be presented. The talk will conclude with a description of the programming environment for this heterogenous compute architecture,​ and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
 +=====Bio===== ​
 +Mukund Sivaraman got his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in the area of timing analysis in 1997. He subsequently did research in VLIW processor architectures and compilers at Hewlett-Packard Labs, then co-founded Synfora, a high-level synthesis startup, in 2003 that was acquired by Synopsys in 2010. Mukund is currently at Xilinx leading a group developing programming and compiler tools for the next-generation Xilinx architecture.