Fifteenth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 2010)
Sheraton Station Square
Pittsburgh, PA - March 13~17, 2010


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-====== Corporate Sponsors ======+====== Conference Financial Supporters ======
-Please contact the Sponsorship Chair, [[|Todd Mowry]], about sponsoring ASPLOS 2010. +Please contact the Sponsorship Chair, [[|Todd Mowry]], about supporting ASPLOS 2010.
-ASPLOX XV currently has generous support from   +ASPLOX XV received generous support from 
- +
-{{:amd.gif?100|}} {{:hp.gif?100|}} {{:ibm_research.jpg?175|}}  {{:intel.gif?100|}} {{:google.gif?100|}}  {{:microsoft.gif?100|}}  {{:sun.jpg?100|}} {{:vmware.jpg?150|}} +
 +{{:nsf.gif?95}} {{:amd.gif?100|}} {{:google.gif?100|}}  {{:hp.gif?95|}} {{:ibm_research.jpg?175|}}  {{:intel.gif?100|}} {{:microsoft.gif?100|}}  {{:sun.jpg?100|}} {{:vmware_new.jpg?100|}}
 +  * The Sunday evening reception is supported by {{:vmware_new.jpg?100|}}.
 +  * A special Monday outing is supported by {{:google128.gif?100|}}.
 +  * A prize for the best Wild & Crazy Ideas presentation is supported by {{:google128.gif?100|}}.
 +  * The Tuesday evening banquet is supported by {{:hp.gif?95|}} {{:intel.gif?100|}}
 +  * Monday and Tuesday Lunches are supported by {{:amd.gif?100|}} {{:ibm_research.jpg?175|}} {{:microsoft.gif?100|}}  {{:sun.jpg?100|}}
 +  * Conference [[travel grants]] are supported by {{:nsf.gif?75}}.