Fifteenth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 2010)
Sheraton Station Square
Pittsburgh, PA - March 13~17, 2010


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===== Instruction for Poster Authors ===== ===== Instruction for Poster Authors =====
 +  * Please print your poster (portrait) on 24in width X 34in height (61cm x 86cm) paper and bring the poster with you to the conference.
 +  * The poster session will begin at 6:30pm on Sunday.  Information about the poster session location will be available at the registration desk.
 +  * Please come to the room for the poster session at 5:30pm for setting up your poster.  Easels and foam cores will be provided by the conference and will already be set up for you.  On every foam core, there will be a note showing the poster ID, title, and author list.  Please set up your poster on the corresponding foam core.
 +  * There will not be any formal speech at the beginning of the poster session.  The poster session will begin naturally as the opening reception starts.