Integrated B.S./M.S. Degrees in ECE

The Integrated Master's/Bachelor's program (otherwise known as the IMB program) allows students who excel academically to achieve both a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in ECE through our Professional M.S. program without needing to apply separately. This means no application fee, no recommendation letters, and no need to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam).

Eligible students begin by completing their B.S. in ECE, and can either complete the M.S. degree at the same time or over the next few semesters. If a course is eligible for the M.S. degree but must be used to complete the B.S. degree, then the B.S. degree takes priority over the M.S. degree. If suitable progress towards completing the B.S. is not made, the M.S. cannot be granted regardless of whether or not a student fulfills all M.S. graduation requirements. IMB students cannot be coded as a Master's student until they have completed all of their B.S. degree requirements.

Students with a 3.00 QPA or above automatically become eligible for the IMB program in the second semester of their junior year once they have completed at least 270 units. To be officially admitted, students must complete the IMB program form during a meeting with Jillian McCarthy, the IMB academic advisor. Students who would like to learn more or are ready to sign up can schedule an appointment with Jillian.

Students who do not meet the overall 3.00 QPA requirement are eligible to petition for their admission into the IMB program during their senior year. To obtain the petition form, students can contact their assigned undergraduate academic advisor.

Click the button below to schedule an appointment with Jillian McCarthy, IMB advisor, or your designated undergraduate advisor to further discuss the IMB program.

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