Undergrad Research Project - The Study and Improvement of Damage Localization in pipe geometries

Fall 2011

Nattamon Thavornpitak
José Moura
Project description

Objective : The goal of this project is to study and improve algorithms for the localization of damage in 2-D cylindrical objects with a sparse array of sensors. The improved algorithms will account for the multi-mode, multi-path and dispersive characteristics of guided waves in cylindrical objects. Methods : 1. Review the literature on localization techniques used with plates and cylinders. 2. Study the dispersion characteristics of guided waves in a cylinder and investigate the multi-path effects that arise from the cylindrical geometry. 3. Develop an active source localization algorithm based on observations from 2 and test it with a pipe. 4. Develop a passive source localization algorithm and test it by localizing a mass, which will serve as a substitute for damage. 5. Apply developed techniques to localize actual damage, such as a hole and evaluate the performance.

Anticipated Result : We expect to demonstrate improved localization performance, particularly in the circumferential direction, compared with other currently used methods.

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