Undergrad Research Project - Develop Mobile Application for Salon Web Application

Summer-1/All 2011

Balaji Shyamsundar
Ananda Gunawardena
Project description

Course: Independent Study in Computer Science (12 units)

Research Study: In this study, we will be creating a stand alone mobile application using Google Android API that interfaces with classroom salon (http://www.classroomsalon.org) web application. The android application will be designed to run on new android tablet PC's. The study involves user interface design research using HCI principles and actual user studies to understand usability issues with the application.

Deliverable: Milestone reports at intervals defined by the advisor Final Report Source Code and Documentation Installable version of the application.

Process: 1) Develop a mobile application that will interface well with the current web application allowing the same (or very similar) functionality on the mobile device as on regular web application. Essentially, this step solidifies the architecture of the app so that it interacts with the web server and database appropriately and in a timely manner. 2) Develop the optimal UI design for the mobile devices. It is going to be significantly different from the web application because there is no mouse and keyboard, and screen size is much smaller. Possibility of implementing voice recognition when user adds comments. 3) Do lots of user testing to iron out bugs and make sure that individuals who would use this mobile application find it useful and easy to use. Here we will mold the application around user concerns, etc.

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