Undergrad Research Project - Using National Household Travel Survey Data in the Decision of Power Provision to Electric Cars

Spring 2011

Liang Tang
Gabriela Hug
Project description

OBJECTIVES: 1) Analyze the national household transportation survey data to determine when and where to supply how much power (through power relay) for charging electric cars.

2) Find the optimal amount of energy to be stored in electric cars that will suffice general travel purposes.

METHODS: - data analysis - probability theory

Primary source: National Household Travel Survey compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration at http://nhts.ornl.gov/

Implementation: Extract relevant data from the huge National Household Travel Survey database and find the average distance and from where to where a household travels on a daily basis (categorized by geographical locations) to find out how many cars will be connected at which location. Calculate the amount of energy that we need to supply the electric cars.

ANTICIPATED RESULTS: From the "microtrends" data collected we would be able to have a good idea about when the peak, intermediate and trough periods would be and where power has to be transmitted.

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