Undergrad Research Project - Adopting system of systems engineering concepts to electric power systems

Spring 2011

Ee Kent Lew
Gabriela Hug
Project description

Project objectives: To explore current concepts in system of systems engineering and to conduct feasibility studies on applying these concepts to Electric power systems. Possible applications include the coordination of the electric power system with the transportation system, gas network, etc. Using the models, analysis will be done to predict how altering a behavior, interruptions, and the performance of a specific system will affect the performance and response of the larger system on the whole, and how various types of system arrangements (Series/Parallel) respond differently to these changes. Based on the results of research, we will explore and develop promising fields accordingly.

Methods: Literature research will be conducted on current system of systems engineering concepts, how these concepts are applied successfully to fields such as defense systems, and how we can adopt these concepts onto electric power systems. Models will be used as a basis for understanding the relationships on how changes in system(s) affect the overall architecture of systems. Control and optimization concepts will also be researched upon, and how they can be applied to the overall system architecture.

Anticipated Results: System of systems engineering concepts should be feasible for adoption into electric power systems. Currently there exists a hierarchy of individual systems such as individual power generation systems, power transmission systems, and load monitoring systems. Adopting system of systems concepts should better integrate these individual systems together in a more efficient and optimized manner. However, design changes of current systems may be required for successful integration of the individual systems onto the overall system architecture.

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