Undergrad Research Project - Geometric models and MIMO channels

Fall 2010

Zhaotao Xu
Peter Steenkiste
Project description

MIMO has become increasingly popular these years, including the application in the emulator project here in CMU. However, most of the MIMO channel models applied in our CMU emulator is still statistical models. Therefore, we'd like to add the geometric model component of emulators; try to find the common elements in the both models. After we constructed the geometric model, we will try to fit that into our current emulator architecture both in software and in hardware. In order to achieve these, we will first start from the basic MIMO models we developed this summer. Then we will go from the COST models, an abbreviation for European cooperation in the field of scientific and technical research, which are one of the most prevalent MIMO models now. Then we will implement these Geometric-Based Stochastic Channel Models in Matlab. From the Matlab models, we will link that to our emulator Java source codes and GUI interfaces.

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