Undergrad Research Project - Literature Survey of Sensor Network Applications

Spring 2010

Oren Wright
Rohit Negi
Project description

Wireless sensor networks combine sensing, processing, and communication elements to cater to a growing number of applications. Examples include warfare, education, surveillance, microsurgery, environmental monitoring, and agriculture. Technological advances that can overcome some of the challenges posed by sensor networks, such as low-power very-large-scale integration (VLSI), embedded computing, communication hardware, nanotechnology and micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) are creating an ever-growing number of opportunities for sensor network applications. I will be conducting a literature survey of the applications of wireless sensor networks for Professor Rohit Negi's research group. The objective of this survey is to gather a general breadth of information concerning this emerging technology and to then present the research to others in a succinct and tractable fashion. I will be doing most research using IEEE Xplore as well as other literary sources, with oversight from Professor Negi. The final result will be a written report and a presentation on the topic to Professor Negi's research group.

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