Undergrad Research Project - Computing for Lunar Rover

Spring 2010

James Lee
Red Whittaker
Project description

Any computing platform destined for the moon must meet specific thermal, power, and rad-hard requirements. This project will design a rover computer that takes these factors into account in its design in order to drive a pre-flight prototype. This will involve the wiring and interfacing of electronic components and drive actuators, the installation of cameras, FPGA motor controller and general computing hardware, the integration of these components into the system, and the porting of the existing software framework (simpleIPC) to the new platform. Midterm goals include the porting of the existing simpleIPC software and a working bench top layout able to drive motors. The final goal of this project is to integrate the sub-systems from midterm into one prototype rover. It will culminate in the demonstration of autonomous driving primitives and camera operations running on the new hardware. Emphasis will be placed on the electrical and software sub-tasks needed to accomplish this goal.

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