Undergrad Research Project - Long Range Real time eye detection and segmentation Using Cannon SLR camera

Spring 2010

An-Pang Lin
Marios Savvides
Project description

This project will demonstrate a new possibility of eye detection and recognition through a longer range. Originally, iris recognition can only be performed within 3-5 cm; now, with the zoom-in functionality of the high-definition SLR camera, it is possible to do iris recognition with a range of 8-15m!

In order to do this, faces must be identified and located and then the system should be able to detect and locate the eyes. After estimating the locations of the eyes in the faces, the system will zoom the camera to capture the eye region in a higher resolution capture mode and center the picture to further pass the photo to the iris recognition algorithm.

The high resolution of Cannon SLR, quality and resolution after zooming-in is sufficient as those captured within small distance range systems. My research realm in this project will be in charge of the long range eye detection, making sure that eyes will be at the center of the zoom-in pictures, and performing iris segmentation in the newly-captured photos for the iris matching engine.

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