Undergrad Research Project - Icebreaker-plow control

Fall 2009

Hsiu-Ting Hsieh
David Wettergreen
Project description

Project Abstract: Icebreaker rover is a prototype designed for the lunar crater exploration. In order to fit this purpose, we need to be able to move stably on the slopes. We first measure more data points about the relation between the depth of the plow and the slope of the ground with respect to the shifting on the rover. Then we try to implement a close loop controller to control the depth of the plow in order to allowed the robot to move on the slope with minimize restriction from the plow but without any shifting. Also, we may need to take the power issue into consideration.

Project Objective: Build a close loop controller in order to decrease the restriction while moving on the slope but without any shifting.

Project Method: First, we try to reconstruct the Icebreaker. Second, we do experiments and draw the relation lines between the depth of the plow and the shifting amount. Then, according to the lines we got, we figure out a close loop controller and implement it on Icebreaker.

Anticipated results: Move stably and elegantly on the slope of course!

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