Undergrad Research Project - Claytronics Hardware Design

Fall 2009

Andrew Hillenius
Seth Goldstein
Project description

My goal of this project is to continue work on the Claytronics research hardware. I will be working on maintaining active research robots such as the Prismatic Planar Catom robots and the Giant Helium Catoms. This will also involve mentoring new students in the use of current robots. I will also be working on the design and implementation of the new generation BlinkyBlocks catoms. These cube robots will allow us to dramatically simplify the hardware by removing locomotion components and allow us to focus on mass production. This will create new challenges as we move towards numbers in excess of 100 robots. In addition, I will be assisting with the design, construction, and programming phases of development for the new cubes. This will involve programming in C, board design in Altium Designer, surface mount soldering, and general assembly. As a result of this effort, we expect to have several working cube prototypes which will provide an interactive hardware platform for the exploration of Claytronics algorithms.

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