Undergrad Research Project - Biometric iris detection and segmentation

Fall 2009

An-Pang Lin
Marios Savvides
Project description

Using a high resolution camera, my goal is to write C++ code so that the program will successfully detect the location of the eyes and segment the pupil region. This research requires a lot of translation from MATLAB to C++. The segmentation method will be based on the examining the distribution of pixel intensity of pupil for locating the center of eyes and sclera. After locating this point, a series of concentric circles are probed and enlarged to detect the sclera boundary. The goal of the project is to make the camera automatically locate the face first and then the eyes when there is a person detected in the lens. Afterward, the camera can auto-focus to the person's eye based on the distance to capture a high resolution picture at the eye regions and at the same time, identify the area of the pupil for the further use of iris recognition which is what I am working on.

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