Undergrad Research Project - Perspective - A Distriubuted File System

Fall 2009

Anthony Felice
Lujo Bauer
Project description

The goal of this project is to further the development of Perspective, a distributed file system. Perspective targets the home/consumer storage area, where both the number of devices with storage capabilities and the amount/variety of content are growing rapidly. Moreover, home devices are diverse in computational power, storage capacity, and usage. Perspective provides much simpler and more automated data management approaches to allow users to manage data in this environment, sharing information across devices, finding information when needed, handling reliability issues, and so on. Perspective is based upon the concept of a view. A view is a description of data in which a device is interested, published to other Perspective devices. Views are a building block for efficient consistency management, inter-device search, device departure and arrival handling, and data protection. Areas which need to be further explored within Perspective include automated data distribution approaches, effective search mechanisms, and security management for home/consumer storage. Several of these areas will be chosen to implement new or additional functionality.

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