Undergrad Research Project - FoldIt Play-Testing and RNA Game-Design

Fall 2009

Skanda Mohan
Adrien Treuille
Project description

Objective: Foldit and RNA are games that act as tools for individuals who are interested in but inexperienced at protein/RNA folding. The graphical interface is shaped like a game so that players have a sense of what types of folding is useful.


Responsibilities within Foldit: - Conduct Play-Test sessions to gather and implement feedback. - Maintain the Foldit Feedback page. Tasks include replying to player queries and assigning tasks. - Assign bug-fixing tasks amongst team members.

Responsibilities within RNA game: - Game Design including: a) construct 3D models of backbones and residues in Maya. b) tailor textures for the various models.
c) innovate User Interface. - Conduct Play-Test sessions to gather and implement feedback. - Create/manage wiki and mailing lists (purpose: to aid individual member's project management)

Anticipated results: Well folded proteins/RNA strands will be synthesized by biochemists to create new, useful organic products.

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