Undergrad Research Project - Secure IC Design

Summer-1/All 2009

Gates Winkler
Ken Mai
Project description

In this project, we are developing new, low-cost, low-overhead countermeasures against invasive and non-invasive attacks for embedded systems and field-programmable gate-arrays (FPGAs.) These include: newlogic families that have constant power dissipation yet incur low area and power costs; novel memory circuits to avoid leaving remnants of past stored data; and techniques to use reconfigurability to enhance the security beyond even that dedicated custom secureICs. I intend to use cadence design software to create layouts for these circuits. The idea is for me to assist in the completion of the designs by the time they have to ship out. I will be tasked with working on the layout and design for parts of the circuit as needed, and as appropriate for my skill level. My goal is to continue to learn and practice the material covered in IC design courses such as 18-322. I wish to learn more about the IC design process, and prepare myself for a capstone project in 18-525.

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