Undergrad Research Project - Power system design for moon rover

Spring 2009

Alastair Firth
Red Whittaker
Project description

Goal: Use analysis tools, including Matlab and SPICE, to design a solar subsystem capable of powering a mobile robot on the moon.

Method: The project will involve detailed analysis to design and predict the power output of a solar array and array-battery interface which will be used to power a mobile robot. After selecting the components required to create the system, the project will involve creating electrical models of the various parts and forming these into a cohesive system. Trade studies will be performed evaluating the various factors involved in choosing the best design for the parts in the system, while considering their impact on the operation of the rover as a whole.

Outcome: The expected outcome of the project is the design of a viable solar subsystem with which to power the robot. The analysis of the system will also provide critical power production information to other parts of the team, including mission planning and those designing the rest of the robot.

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