Undergrad Research Project - Privacy and Security in Real Time Monitoring Systems

Spring 2009

Cem Onyuksel
Asim Smailagic
Project description

A new computing paradigm is emerging where-in users wear small monitoring devices, especially for medical conditions, that transmit selected information to a local wireless hub either in the home, in the hospital, and potentially in public areas. The collected information is relayed and summarized for medical staff and/or caregivers. The goal of this research is to explore the dimensions of security and privacy in a new data paradigm: real time monitoring systems. The target application will be monitoring, feedback, and encouragement for the user to comply with clinician or care giver-set goals. We will explore the paradigm where sensors on mobile devices collect and analyze data to determine user activities. Either the user or a clinician, if the user is under medical guidance, will author activity goals that will be downloaded into the mobile device. The mobile device will monitor for compliance and give feedback to the user. In addition, summaries and notifications will be provided to the clinician or caregiver. All these communications should be secure. In addition, the user should have control over what information is given to whom. Security and privacy should not be over burdening on either the mobile device or the user. The user should have the choice of how and with whom the information will be shared and what will be the level of detail presented to the family and caregivers. To improve the compliance and user acceptance, the system will feed some of the relevant information back to the individuals being monitored to promote "good" versus "bad" habits. The users will be able to monitor their own activities and will be presented with the information related to how well they are doing. This will alleviate the "Big Brother" effect raised by the monitoring aspect of the system.

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