Undergrad Research Project - Android Security Improvement

Spring 2009

Deniz Binay
Benoit Morel
Project description

The aim of this project is to analyze the different security issues of the smartphones and implementing an innovative solution on the new Google Android platform.

The smartphone is now more commonly used for critical operations. As a convergent device of many technologies, it opens the way for new types of attacks. With the new platforms such as the iPhone or Android arriving on the market, improving the security of such devices is critical.

A smartphone can have vulnaribilites caused by its communication layers (wi-fi, bluetooth, ...), in its kernel, in its browser, some installed applications, ...

My project will focus on the open source platform Android and more precisely it will cover some security aspects like SMSishing. It will lead in the development of an application or an improvement in the source code of Android. An example of such an application would be a software that would verify the authenticity of the web links received in a SMS by checking it with an online database.

The research will include Adam Tagert, a graduate student, and it will be supervised by Professor Morel.

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