Undergrad Research Project - Smart Phone for Real-Time Self-Report Assessment

Spring 2009

Han Joo Chae
Asim Smailagic
Project description

The goal of the project is to provide a smart phone platform for real-time self-report assessment of a person's stress and prototype such an application. Surveys pop up periodically over a two day time interval and are used to measure the stress level of the user. This mobile phone will help us to overcome difficulties in using other mobile platform (such as PDAs) in a number of situations, such as driving, working, eating, etc. In previous projects, eWatch and gesture recognition have been applied for users to do the surveys; however, our project involves speech processing as a communication tool between the user and the sensor that determine the stress level. When the survey begins, the system will ask questions through headsets that users are wearing and take back users' answers. This project will mostly focus on development of audio input modality in interfacing eWatch and cell phone Bluetooth communication and speech recognition on the cell phone. The audio modality will be compared with other input modalities (buttons and gesture).

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