Undergrad Research Project - Embedded Systems in Autonomous Vehicles

Spring 2009

Jonas Cleveland
Raj Rajkumar
Project description

Jonas Cleveland will design and construct a small autonomous vehicle to be a testbed for sensors, embedded systems, and software for safety and control in automotive driving under both manual and autonomous control. During this semester, Jonas will complete the construction of the mechanical structure for the autonomous vehicle, including a working electrical system and motor-control system. Additionally, Jonas will develop the hardware and software to couple the lidar, sonar, and sensory systems to the central control units.

The specific objectives of the project include:

  • Interfacing the sensor and motor control units with the HCS12X ECU board
  • Networking the ECUs using CAN and Flexray
  • Interfacing the camera systems with the MPC5567 ECU board and networking using ethernet
  • Development and implementation of the control loop
  • Adding test points and fault-injection mechanisms for testing and demonstration purposes
  • Software to achieve autonomous functionality
  • Replication of cars to investigate vehicle-to-vehicle communication requirements

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