Undergrad Research Project - Lab Development with dsPIC30F4011

Spring 2009

Derrick Walker
Bruce Krogh
Project description

Embedded Control Systems is a course that introduces principles for design of embedded controllers. It also emphasizes practical insight into the tools for modeling and simulating these dynamic physical systems, and methods for designing the real-time software for embedded computers to control them. Relevant theory and background from real-time systems and control engineering, including event-based and clock-based sampling, switching control, PWM (pulse-width modulation), PID (proportional-integral-derivative) design, state-variable feedback, state estimation, and methods for setpoint control and trajectory tracking will be specific topics covered. I will be responsible for creating and testing laboratory exercises that demonstrate the use of all of these aspects in embedded control using the dsPIC4011 in conjunction with the applications MPLab and Matlab.

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